Cinema.jar 3.6 August 14, 2019

August 14, 2019August 14, 2019August 14, 2019
Name Version Release Date Size MD5
Cinema.jar - Update Project v3.6 Aug 14 2019 335 KB d96d4ae9b9adc4f0b8cdaf9bd87518f3

+ Adding web handlers for getDevice without a device for internal io getAll.

Cinema.jar 3.5 

Name Version Release Date Size MD5
Cinema.jar - Update Project v3.5 Jun 02 2019 327 KB 57a834f2c5ac177b7b19b6dec52350ce

+ Added HTTP POST method to Macro Actions.

+ Added the ability the use HTTPS for GETs and POSTs

Cinema.jar 3.4.1 

  Cinema.jar - Update Project v3.4.1 [ May 28 2019, 320 KB, MD5: 74f51ea7ccb40962eb2118bf16457c50 ]

  • Released May 28 2019

! Fixed a bug where the watchdog was no longer working. In the Cinema application crashed it would not be restarted.

Cinema.jar 3.4.0 

  Cinema.jar - Update Project v3.4 [ May 16 2019, 320 KB, MD5: 63b627ede9c8a79710ddb3d7fd3ca852 ]

  • Released May 16 2019

+ Allow you to query the temperature sensor via a HTTP Request.  A JSON representation of the device will be returned.

As of now the only available devices are Type28 and Type7E...

Type28 is the temperature probe and Type7E is the environmental sensor.

To enable this you will need to set the AppData/Cinema/WebServer/Port registry key. The JNIOR will need to be rebooted after this key has been changed. In this example I chose 8081. Port 80 or 443 is normally the default web server port. This web server port is an additional web server that cinema is hosting to handle these types of requests.

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